Who does Harry want to protect his grandmother from? A friend of the prince to clarify!

Omid Scobiefriend Meghan and HarryThe journalist and author of the book “Finding Freedom” revealed the visit of the Duchess and Duchess of Sussex Elizabeth II in April this year.

In a text written for Yahoo, the author says the meeting was kept secret even from the Queen’s team because Harry has serious doubts about some of the elements. The response to those who accused the prince of arrogance in saying in an interview that he intended to “protect his grandmother,” which questioned whether he made covert accusations against his father, the prince. Carlos, and brother, prince William.

Scobie says Harry kept the meeting a secret to protect his privacy without fear of being heard by anyone at the party. staff real. It also adds to it Edward Young, the Queen ‘s private secretary, has already banned Sussex’ s visits to the ruler ‘s Sandringham. The finger is also pointed Angela Kellya personal assistant to the Queen and a trustee allegedly behaving against Meghan.

“It is true that since the death of Prince Philip a year ago, the Queen has lived practically alone. Although Prince Charles, Cambridget, and other family members visit him regularly, the people around him on a daily basis are his staff, responsible for all of his life — they are employees of the Royal Institute. explain the author and continue: “One of these people Harry experienced his darkest and most restless moments while in the company.”

Edward Young and Angela Kelly are two of the elements that cause Harry the most distrust. and the first is allegedly accused of keeping Harry away from his grandmother, the second is considered one of the alleged culprits for Meghan not having a good time in the UK.

These claims have not been confirmed or disputed. What is certain is that they show a new possibility of interpreting Harry’s controversial words.

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