A BOLA – eLiga: Everything was decided in group A (games)

The eLiga Portugal, the National Virtual Football Championship, continued this Tuesday in the final round of Group A, which determined all qualifiers for the playoffs.

On Classic Day, eFCPorto SoccerSoul and Sporting CP made a draw, but the Dragons were worth celebrating as the point won ensured the presence of the Blue and White at the crucial stage. When TCosta26 won Runrun 3-2 in the first meeting, JPeres99 beat BAlmeida 2-1.

The point won by White and the Blues, on the other hand, added even more emotion to the clash between CD Santa Clara Fourteen and Quest’s FC Arouca, which competed directly for last place in the playoffs.

In the game with the outline of the final, the victory smiled at FC Arouca, who is still chasing the dream of a national championship. Marqzou won Godiiiinho 2-1, and Tiago confirmed the victory by defeating Duarte Ferron 1-0.

Also worth celebrating was CS Marítimo K1CK, who won the group first place victory over Moreirense FC EGN. The good start of Somosnos, who won Licapu 2-0, left BernasFigue in a good position, and the island athlete did not waste his advantage in confirming the victory with another 2-0.

In the end, the win was credited to Boavista FC in a match against Vitória SC for lack of appearance, which no longer affected the group’s account.

You can follow all the feelings of eLiga Portugal on the official channel of the competition at Twitchwith all data such as Calendar, Results and Series Table available at esports.ligaportugal.pt.

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