A doctor at Ibiapaba Hospital talks about preventing high blood pressure

This Tuesday (April 26) was a national day for the prevention and control of hypertension. It is also known as high blood pressure and can affect children, adolescents, adults and the elderly of both sexes. Silent disease causes the arteries to narrow and the heart needs to pump blood with increasing force to carry it throughout the body and receive it back.

According to a national health survey, the disease affects a quarter of Brazil’s total population. It is also responsible for up to 80 percent of strokes registered in the country and 60 percent of heart attacks. In addition to this alarming data, other data are worrying: 50% of Brazilian hypertensive patients still do not know they have a problem.

The prevention and control of hypertension is paramount, as the Ministry of Health estimates that cardiovascular problems cause about 300,000 deaths in Brazil each year.

Hospital Ibiapaba According to a cardiologist at CEBAMS, Dr. Henrique Telles Gontijo, the COVID-19 pandemic developed high blood pressure in some people due to poor health habits developed during the period. – During the pandemic, many people stopped taking care of their health. After returning to normal, an increase in hypertension was possible. This is largely due to the limitations of activity during the pandemic, which causes many people to exercise more and give up good habits such as a balanced diet. Many began to eat more calories in addition to no longer exercising, ”he declared.

After returning to operations, Dr. Henrique also points out that a medical assessment is needed before returning to physical exercise to help a person understand their health after the pandemic. “Physical activity is important for improving health and controlling hypertension. But before you start, it is very important to have a thorough check to understand the current conditions in your body and heart. This will allow your doctor to show the ideal exercise rhythm and treatment needed to maintain good health. which can trigger others – prevention begins with care. One of these precautions is up-to-date testing and specialized monitoring. “

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