America needs to close the gap in vaccinating children caused by the pandemic, PAHO says

About 230 million people still do not receive even the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine in America. The pandemic also created another health threat: the lack of vaccination of children against diseases such as measles, polio and others, in 2020, the emergence of a new coronavirus in the world.

That’s why the Pan American Health Organization, PAHO, is asking everyone to get vaccinated this week of vaccination, which runs through April 30th.

A total of 2.7 million children did not receive routine vaccines in Latin American and Caribbean countries. The alarm was made by PAHO CEO Carissa Etienne on an official trip to Dominica.

The director of the agency recalls that although the world worked hard to protect people from Covid-19, vaccination campaigns against other diseases were severely affected. Even before the pandemic, the vaccination rate had fallen below an acceptable level.

The vaccination week, which ends on the 30th, aims to reverse the delay levels of the last two years.

According to Carissa Etienne, the risk of recurrence of diseases such as polio and measles in America is real, as there have been setbacks for nearly three decades since the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic after 2020.

The head of PAHO says that if the situation continues, the region will have to pay a very high price in terms of loss of life, increase in the number of people with disabilities and huge financial costs.

Since Covid-19 vaccination was introduced in the United States 15 months ago, more than 66% of people have already been vaccinated with at least two doses. But for Carissa Etienne, this sign is still not enough.

Unequal dosing and vaccination resistance have led to risks that need to be addressed.

eradication of smallpox

It is time for the World Health Organization’s leader on the American continent to dispel doubts and promote the benefits of immunization.

The area led the fight to eradicate smallpox, to eliminate polio, measles and rubella. America also stood out in the introduction of new vaccines such as pneumococcal, human papillomavirus, HPV and rotavirus vaccines.

This year, the countries and regions of the region plan to vaccinate 140 million people on the 20th. Vaccination week.

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