Android: Millions of mobile phones hit by security breach in 2021 Cell

In 2011, the software became available as open source and was quickly introduced in the industry. Apple continued to develop new updates to the versions it used, but the open source codec was stuck.

The chips manufactured by Mediatek and Qualcomm during 2021 reached the consumer with these shortcomings in the aforementioned codec without any changes to the decade-old code. However, it is worth mentioning that it is not known that people were affected by the bug.

The vulnerability was discovered by Check Point Research, a company known for its digital security analysis. In theory, hacking would allow a hacker to infiltrate a phone system remotely without resorting to physical access to the device.

According to the company, the mere gesture of playing an audio file saturated with malicious code would give access to real-time images from the smartphone’s camera and additional rights in the Android environment.

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