BALL – “Bayern provided opportunities, no one took advantage of them” (Germany)

Bayern is experiencing a paradoxical moment. The Bavarian emblem just celebrated its 10th consecutive Bundesliga championship, but the relegation of the Champions League in the quarterfinals at the hands of Villarreal plunged the German giant into crisis, which has sparked all sorts of reflection.

In a podcast conversation Einfach mal LuppenToni Kroos, a Real Madrid midfielder who spent time in Bayern, gave an estimate of the moment in German football and explained why no one has yet managed to break Bavaria’s dominance despite obvious weaknesses.

– Opponents need to be more consistent. Teams like Dortmund or RB Leipzig can keep up at certain stages of the season, but there is no consistency and we can’t put everything into money. Take the example of Dortmund losing points with teams with a smaller budget. If we look at the last two, three years, Bayern provided opportunities, but no one took advantage of them, ”he said.

Now 32, Toni Kroos spent eight years at Bayern Munich. During that time, he played 205 games and won three championships, three Cups, one league cup and two supercups.

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