BALL – Luís Gonçalves and doctor arrested for criticism in Braga (don’t know what they said) (FC Porto)

Luís Gonçalves and Paulo Araújo, SAD administrator and FC Porto doctor, were suspended by the Disciplinary Board of the Portuguese Football Association last Sunday after playing with SC Braga.

Luís Gonçalves was banned from competing for 15 days and fined € 1,530 for criticizing a referee led by Hugo Miguel who had even received a red card at the time. According to the referee’s report, Luís Gonçalves fired: “There were six penalties. (…) I’m glad you’re not whistling to FC Porto anymore. “

Paulo Araújo, for his part, received a 23-day ban in addition to a fine of € 3,825 for calling the referee “dishonest”.

In addition to these penalties, the game also produced fines for both clubs. FC Porto will have to pay a total of € 7,010 for the delay at the start of the second half, the misconduct of the fans and the use of pyrotechnics. The Braga club, for its part, was fined a total of 4,397 for igniting pyrotechnic devices and also for the misconduct of its supporters.

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