BALL – W52-FC Porto prevented (Cycling)

The W52-FC Porto team will not be able to compete because the Porto Criminal Court judge coerced Nuno Ribeiro and José Rodrigues, who had been barred as sports directors for three months.

The latest chapter in the process launched by the Judiciary and ADoP with the W52-FC Porto left the blue-and-white team without sports leaders and therefore prevented competition, as confirmed by Delmino Pereira, President of the Portuguese Cycling Federation. BALL: «We were told by the court that the sports directors of W52-FC Porto, Nuno Ribeiro and José Rodrigues, will not be able to hold office for three months, as we said today [ontem] team leaders and the UCI. And without sports leaders, a team cannot compete. In other cases, we have to wait for more information before we can act. “

As there is no fact in favor of disciplinary action, although investigations by the judiciary and ADoP are ongoing, the Portuguese Cycling Federation, as happened with LA-MSS in May 2008, can only recommend to the organizers that they do not accept W52-FC Porto for their competitions. Registration of a new sports director would be possible, but if cyclists are indicted in the process, the situation will always depend on federal decisions, so far outside the disciplinary area.

“Action” in detail

The contacts established by our magazine with the UCI showed that the organization was aware of the incident through the media and that the Portuguese Cycling Association was fully responsible for analyzing the situation and taking the necessary action. In a few days, the results of blood and urine tests performed by the ADoP Brigade for seven cyclists competing in the Grand Prix O Jogo, as well as products confiscated from the hotel and some runners ’homes. The police police visit the process as it can acquit or punish the parties involved.

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