“Big Brother”: Focusing on the Future with Bruna Gomes, Bernardo Sousa makes the request

Bernardo Sousa left a request for followers on social media. The winner of Big Brother Famous 2 shared a video in which he asked them to respect the people who were a part of his life.

“Leave them alone, they are part of the past. Others are part and will always be a part of my life because they were good and did me good,” he began by asking fans.

Bruna Gomes’ boyfriend also asked her not to “go to war.” “Leave who is in place,” he said.

According to the rally driver, what is crucial at the moment is “the present and the future with Bruna, family and friends”. “It’s not worth feeding wars, it’s all said. Everyone knows everything, so enjoy and enjoy this moment as I enjoy it,” he decided.

Watch the video now Bernardo Sousa.

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