BOLA – Barcelona named midfielder in final (Benfica)

Barcelona was one of many clubs to take part in the UEFA Youth League final last Monday, which ended in a 6-0 match between Benfica and Salzburg. In the eyes of Catalan observers were two players, one with an eagle on his chest.

Sport newspaper writes that Cher Ndour was one of the athletes who pleased

Barça’s staff, although the name of the 17-year-old Italian midfielder is already well known in the corridors of Camp Nou – he scored a goal in Benfica’s victory over Barcelona (4-0) in the group stage.

“He is a midfielder who shines in his second season at Benfica. Italian-born Ndour separated from Atalanta and decided to change air to make a leap in the formation. The decision was a success and several clubs, including Barcelona, ​​are alert to its future,” the newspaper said in a news release. .

The other player mentioned by Barcelona in the Nyon final was 18-year-old striker Roko Simic from Salzburg. Croatia finished the youth league with six goals and three assists.

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