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Influenza vaccinations are now available for all priority groups

Image Credit: Wilson Moreno (SECOM / PMM)
The vaccination campaign will be extended to all groups from Saturday 30th

Author: Edinaldo Moreno / Editor of JORNAL DE FATO

Starting this Saturday (30.00), all Priority Groups set by the Ministry of Health (MS) will be vaccinated against influenza in Mossoró. A national D Day for Influenza and Measles Campaigns will also be held on the same day. Covid-19 vaccination is also being performed today.

Priority groups for influenza vaccination are: over 60 years of age; health workers; pregnant women; women who have given birth; Indian people; teachers; people with co-morbidities; permanent disability; truck drivers; public transport workers; road; urban and long-distance passengers; port workers; security and rescue forces; Army; deprivation of liberty workers; freedom of the deprived population; young people and young people in social and educational activities.

According to the schedule of the municipality of Mossoró, 14 vaccination points will be open through the municipal health agency (SMS) to receive the population of Mossoró. Of this total, 13 are primary health units (UBS). Another point is Partage Shopping Mossoró.

According to the Ministry of Local Government, the primary health care units that will open this Saturday are: Maria Soares da Costa (Alto de São Manoel), Lahyre Rosado (Alto do Sumaré), Epitácio da Costa Carvalho (Vingt Rosado), Raimundo Renê de Castro (Twelve years), Marcos Raimundo Belo Horizonte), José Leão (Alto da Conceição), Sueldo Câmara (airport), Cid Salem (Repeal IV), Conchita Ciarlini (Abolition II), Maria Neide (Dom Jaime Câmara), Ildone Cavalcante (Barocas), Chico Costa (Santo Antônio) and the Evangelical Clinical Center (Centro).

UBS opening hours on this D-day of influenza and measles vaccination are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. At Partage Shopping, the vaccination point is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

UBS opens on Saturday (30):

Maria Soares da Costa (Alto de São Manoel)

Authorized Lahyre Rosado (Alto do Sumaré)

Costa Carvalho Epitacio (Vingt Rosado)

Raimundo Renê de Castro (12 years old)

Marcos Raimundo (Belo Horizonte)

José Leão (Alto da Conceição)

Sueldo Camara (airport)

Cid Salem (removal IV)

Conchita Ciarlini (Abolition II)

Chico Costa (San Antonio)

Evangelical Clinical Center (Center)

Ildone Cavalcante (Baroque)

Maria Neile (Don Jaime Câmara)

Source: Secom / PMM

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