Elden Ring | YouTuber upset the Internet after winning Malenia with one button

THE YouTube user “mrBorkD” impressed the fans Elden Ring, shows a game in which he defeats Malenia with a single button. He received a lot of praise for his techniques without using magic or jumping.



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“Absolutely awesome, I didn’t think it would be possible. I was wondering if that was possible for some other tough bosses like Soldier of Godrick? ” the player asked in the comments referring to another character in the game.

“You really nailed those great spins,” another praised. “Your occasion is perfect! This is not only fun, but also informative, congratulations to you,” congratulated each other. “I am very impressed. The number of hours you have had to spend on this is amazing. It took several days to beat him with the SL 200+ with the help of a mime. Well done, man. “ was another compliment YouTuber has won.

The game, which is available for PC, Xbox and PlayStation, is a collaborative project between director Hidetaka Miyazaki and fantasy writer George RR Martin. So, have you ever won a character with a single button?

Source: Ramon Vitor / OVicio

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