Emotional, Dina talks about Tiago Jaqueta: “I liked that man”

Dina Guedes gave an intensive interview to Júlia Pinheiro. Participant in the Married at First Sight program spoke in more detail about the honeymoon Tiago jacket so much to talk about.

“We started to have a distant person, it was different with meDina said of Jaqueta ‘s behavior, which did not behave in the same way as on her wedding day, which she classified as “magical.”

Dina Guedes spoke to the woman she was betrayed with: “She was the one who told me”

The other day, at night, Dina says she is shocked by Tiago, who left the room without telling her. “And then things started to fall apart (…) I panicked ”, assumes Dina, who demonstrated this act as a “lack of respect.” Tiago betrayed Dina with a Russian woman that night. The next morning, Dina reveals that personal trainer wanted to show the social networks of the woman she met.

He told me about him right away and I believed. The strange thing was what followed. Tiago always put text messages“, he clarified, adding that he had corrected the matter and believed the two had just spoken with” respect, “as he asked Tiago Jaquet. In an interview, Dina denies Tiago’s accusations of spying on her cell phone by a kindergarten teacher.

In the series Married at First Sight, Dina reveals: “It was very difficult. Recovery still costs money ”

“I really liked that man.“He said visibly excited.”I’ve never had that James again. ”the account is clearly disappointing.

(João Maria C.)

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