FC Porto condemns Hugo Miguel’s “provocative attitude” to Sp. Braga-FC Porto – FC Porto

Reports on the events of Judge AF Lisboa with Tarem, Luís Gonçalves and Francisco Conceição

FC Porto sentenced the referee of multimedia content, Diogo Faria, to judge Hugo Miguelin Sp. Braga-FC Porto (1-0), played yesterday afternoon. “He made a gesture to Tarem as if to jump into the pool. He will take on the role of commentator and join the choir of those accusing Tarem of jumping into the pool. Gesture for all to see and insult to FC Porto’s player,” Diogo Faria said on Porto’s channel on Tuesday night. And he continued to expel the delegate of the FC Porto match after the last whistle. “Luís Gonçalves was dismissed, but they don’t say that when he was excited, he told the referee that six penalties were to be taken. He referred to last season’s game with Braga and also the game with Moreirense. The referee’s response was rejected, saying” take precaution now. ” Mocking FC FC ‘s SAD administrator … “he said.

Finally, the Porto manager also revealed the words Hugo Miguel showed to Francisco Conceição when the winger went to greet him at the end of the match. “I told him ‘you didn’t throw yourself into the ground today,’ referring to one of the transfers a year ago in Moreira de Cónegos. Yesterday he didn’t go to the ground because he didn’t get a mistake,” Diogo Faria concluded.

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