FTR has a lot of heat behind the scenes of WWE

Last week, it was reported that WWE will be interested in re-signing FTR (Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood) when their contracts with AEW expire in mid-2023.

According to Ringside News, despite the interest of some WWE officials in getting FTR back, others are not eagerly following this, and there will be. heat between them and a popular team.

Certain people at WWE consider Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood to be “two.” middle cards who complain too much, ”sometimes even in public, and who“ fail to attract the mass audience ”. It is said that the duo is only of interest to the fans hardcore or journalists who are “too busy giving stars in their battles.”

Ringside News also adds that Edge would act as a “broker” in this supposed WWE interest in getting the team back, but it seems that this is no longer the case and interest has since waned.

Dax Harwood has already commented on the alleged interest and Cash Wheeler has joined with his partner to devalue WWE for real purpose, and now there is indication that a return to the company may be very far from the event.

Do you think WWE had a real interest in re-signing the FTR or was it all just rumors?

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