Governor Wilson Lima will supply equipment to fight malaria and dengue fever in the Amazon

There are 414 municipal-specific items in the state. Delivery is by reference to World Malaria Day

Photograph: Bruno Zanardo / Secom

This Tuesday (April 26), Governor Wilson Lima delivered 414 devices to fight malaria and dengue fever to step up disease control in the interior of the Amazon. The handover ceremony at the Arena da Amazônia, in the south-central part of Manaus, was held with reference to World Malaria Fight Day on 25 April.

Equipment procured with federal funds serves 61 municipalities in the state. Of the 414 products, 251 are for malaria control, 145 for dengue fever and 18 for entomological monitoring of vector-borne diseases, including malaria and dengue fever.

“Yesterday was World Malaria Day, and the state of the Amazon is the world’s reference in the fight against this endemic disease. This year, dengue cases fell 11 percent from last year. to do this with local health care providers and also endemic disease communicators, “the governor stressed.

Distribution takes place through the Amazon Health Surveillance Foundation – Dr. Rosemary Costa Pinto (FVS-RCP), an institution affiliated with the Amazon State Department of Health (SES-AM).

“Malaria is one of the most common tropical diseases and we need to fight it above all in the Amazon region. We will distribute it to municipalities to step up mosquito control so that we can further reduce these numbers every year, ”said Health Minister Anoar Samad.

According to Tatyana Amorim, director and director of FVS-RCP, the devices will strengthen municipal control and monitoring programs. “It covers 61 municipalities, as well as malaria, in the area of ​​dengue surveillance and control, 28 centers that monitor the respiratory virus surveillance network, and 18 municipalities that receive a complete package with all the equipment needed to control.

“These tools are very important in fighting these diseases before they spread. We are grateful for these tools that will give us more opportunities to bring health to our people and communities along the river,” said Augusto Ferraz, Mayor of Iraduba.

Confirmation – A total of 251 anti-malarial equipment will be transferred to municipalities, of which 125 will be generators, 85 sprayers and 41 outboards. They also get another 145 items to fight dengue fever, including 90 nebulizers and 55 ladders.

Malaria – Data consolidated by the FVS-RCP Health Analysis Situation Room (SASS) show that malaria cases in the Amazon decreased by 11.7 percent compared to the first quarters of 2021 and 2022.

The municipalities with a reduction in malaria in the state are: Itacoatiara (-89%), Santo Antônio do Içá (-84%), Borba (-77%), Manacapuru (-75%) and Presidente Figueiredo (-72%). %).

In January-March 2022, 10,124 cases of malaria were recorded in the Amazon. In 2021, there were 59,434 cases of the disease in the state.

Hospital supervision – The Amazon government also delivered 180 pieces of furniture this Tuesday to reinforce actions developed by 18 hospital epidemiological observatories in 12 capitals and six inland states.

It has 54 swivel chairs, 54 fixed chairs, 64 tables and 92 cabinets, plus 28 refrigerators, 28 flash drives, 56 overalls, 140 boxes of respirators, 196 face shields, 1,344 boxes of gloves, N93 1,446, 1,446, masks. disposable aprons, 8.4 thousand lab coats and 8.4 thousand disposable caps.

The sites include the following institutions: Foundation for Tropical Medicine – Heitor Vieira Dourado (FMT-HVD); Hospital and First Aid Room (HPS) Aug. 28; HPS Dr. Aristotle Plato Bezerra de Araújo; HPS da Criança Zona Sul; East Zone HPS; western HPS; HPS Dr. João Lúcio Pereira Machado; Adriano Jorge Hospital Foundation; HPS Delphina Abdel Aziz, Hospital Adventista de Manaus; Dona Bird Women’s Institute; Maternity of Balbina Mestrinho; Ana Braga motherhood; UPA José Rodrigues; and the Amazon Children’s Health Institute.

Inside they are intended for: Emergency Care Unit (UPA) Tabatinga; Regional Hospital Dr. Jofre de Mattos Cohen; Tefén Regional Hospital; Manacapuru General Hospital; Dr. Odair Carlos Geraldo, Professor at Coar Regional Hospital; José Mendes Regional Hospital; São Gabriel da Cachoeira garrison hospital; Hospital de Borba Vô Mundoca; Maués Hospital Dona Mundiquinha; Eraldo Neves Falcão General Hospital; and the hospital units of Autazes, Eirunepé, Iranduba, Lábrea, Manicore, Rio Preto da Eva and Tabatinga.

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