“I don’t want to grow old being treated like this …”

Luís took Laura to know her world. The couple started their visit with the groom’s mother, but the situation made the competitor very uncomfortable.

This week, Luís took Laura to see her relatives. A competitor in SIC’s “Married at First Sight” program began by taking the bride home to her mother, Alexandandrina.

Laura began to notice Luís’s negative attitudes toward her mother, namely that the elderly woman had been alone for a long time: “You’re here all day alone because he [Luís] I want (…) I could do many things to make this woman feel alive and happy.

During lunch, the atmosphere intensified. Luís rebuked his mother several times: “Mom, Mom, don’t cut me off, I’ll talk to you.” said very excited.

Alone with the cameras, Laura admitted: “I don’t like Luis talking badly to his mother. I’m scared. It hurts me that Luís is doing this, and I don’t want to grow old to be treated that way, ” he said with tears in his eyes.

See the whole moment here.

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