Instagram is testing a feature that allows you to post messages to your profile

In the last few months, Instagram introduced several new features to its platform. As it continues its research and updates, Meta confirmed to TechCrunch that it is testing a new tool that will allow users to pin your message enter favorites in their profiles.

According to the information, members of the platform will be able to locate the new “Attach to your profile” option by clicking on the three-point menu of the messages.

This feature can be very useful for personal and business accounts that want to highlight some information in front of their profile’s publishing grid. In this way, for example, artists who publish a lot of photos and videos can highlight their best work.

A meta spokesman revealed: “We’re testing a new feature that will allow people to showcase posts on their profiles.”

The tool, which is currently being tested, was first discovered in January this year when leaker Alessandro Paluzzi published pictures of its operation.

In February, Paluzzi updated his followers and announced that the social network is still working on the tool. This time, the leak showed that each profile can attach up to three poles.

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The new function works in the same way “Highlights” which are for stories already published and allow users to save 24-hour messages to their profile. Although the new tool allows social network members to republish the content of the feed in the Stories app and later put it on the “Highlights” tab, they can edit the feed in a new way.


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Source: TechCrunch Source: twitter

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