Is Ângela Ferreira making her late husband’s dream come true?

Next Wednesday, April 27, TVI’s exclusive report “Amor Sem Fim” will be broadcast on “Jornal das 8”. This report reveals whether Ângela Ferreira managed to get pregnant with her late husband.

In 2020, TVI sent a series of reports that made the story of Ângela Ferreira, who has since struggled to get pregnant with her husband Hugo, who died of cancer, known.

The journalistic pieces have been executed by Emanuel Monteiro, who mobilizes the country for this purpose. In all, it included more than 100,000 people and several political parties.

A year and a half later, Ângela Rodrigues finally managed to get him to inseminate the dead man’s semen, which has never happened in Portugal.

Emanuel Monteiro made statements to SELFIE, revealing that he was still close to Angela to follow “Race towards the dream.”

It is known that artificial insemination took place in February this year at the São João Hospital in Porto, and Ângela Ferreira has “Waiting for a little miracle.”

The unique report has already been advertised on TVI’s website, and tomorrow the Portuguese will be able to find out if Ângela “She is pregnant and is finally going to realize her dream of having a child with the love of her life.”

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