Kiev acknowledges the progress of the Russian army in the eastern part of the country – News

Russian troops are advancing on the Izioum line, controlled by Moscow’s soldiers, towards Lyman and are also in the vicinity of Severodonest, one of the most important cities in the region.

These points in eastern Ukraine are located near the localities of Velyka Komychouvakha and Zavody in Kharkov.

According to a daily report by the Kiev Ministry of Defense, the Russian army is also in the Donetsk region of Zaritshne and Novototshkivsk.

In the east, in the Lyman region, according to the Kiev Ministry of Defense, the Russian army conquered the city of Zaritchne “and tried to take up stations near Iampilia.”

Near Severodonetsk, one of the largest cities in the region with 100,000 inhabitants (before the last Russian invasion), Moscow is in control of the city of Novotochkivske.

According to the same source. The Russian army is preparing an attack on Nyjnie and Orikhove.

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