Kim Kardashian. Premiere of the show with her boyfriend and “special dress”

About two weeks ago, Hulu’s new reality show “The Kardashians” debuted. As you might guess, the news arrived at a demonstration event that brought the Kardashian-Jenner family together at the beginning of the month.

At Instagram this Tuesday, April 26, the celebrity recalled pictures of the incident she was with her boyfriend Pete Davidson and spoke about the premiere of a new family program.

“I’m impressed that we had the biggest debut in Hulu’s history,” he revealed thanking for the news.

“I also felt a great honor to wear a special dress on a special evening,” she added as she spoke about the premiere event in early April.

For the occasion, Kim Kardashian wore a tight silver dress, low and opening from the side, leaving the curves visible. Created by the late fashion designer Manfred Mugler, it was made for Kim last year. “I felt magic in it when I wore it,” the celebrity commented, referring to the dress.

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