PALLO – «Rudiger? I wasn’t going to invite him to 10 for dinner and 12 for coffee »(Chelsea)

Antonio Rudiger will not stay in Chelsea because his contract expires in the summer. The confirmation came from Thomas Tuchel, who revealed his conversation with the German national team in the preview of the Manchester United match.

“When Rudiger knocks on your door an hour before your workout, you know it’s not a good thing. We had a short conversation and I was happy because I was one of the first to know that it showed me that we have a direct and honest relationship where there is no fear of talking. Now you can ask me what I did to convince him, but I wasn’t going to invite him to 10 for dinner and 12 for coffee. He has strong opinions and he knows what he wants and he is also a great player. I was disappointed, apparently I wanted him to stay, but these things happen. The important thing is that there is no resentment on either side, ”he explained.

When the team split between Stuttgart and Dortmund, Rudiger joined Chelsea in 2017 after playing in Rome. He has a total of 196 matches and 12 goals in London.

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