Putin threatens West with “blitzkrieg” and says Kiev regime has created “anti-Russian historical territories for Russia” – Observer

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Vladimir Putin left a clear provocation to the West on Wednesday. “If anyone is preparing disrupt ongoing events and create unacceptable strategic threats to Russiayou need to know that our response attacks are lightning fast, “the Russian president assured in a speech to the St. Petersburg Council of Representatives.

“We have every means to do so,” he confirmed, referring new hypersonic missile, already tested, and is able to reach the territory of Western Europe and the United States. Vladimir Putin assured that “no one can be proud of the weapons that Russia has.” “And we’re not going to brag. We’ll use it when we need it. And I want everyone to know that.” underlined and added threateningly: “All the relevant decisions have already been made.”

The Russian president also explained that the attack on Ukraine was due to a “real danger” that “leili” Under Russia, namely the possibility of attacking Russian territory, which would end up “splitting” it.

Regarding the creation of Ukraine, Putin said that Russia, at the time of the break-up of the Soviet Union, “reacted positively, kindly, comrades and fraternally to the creation of an independent Ukrainian state.” The aim would be to create a “friendly state” with close ties to Moscow and to create the “most competitive conditions” for the development of both countries.


Contrary to what was originally intended, the Russian president stressed that this did not happen; instead, it was created “Anti-Russian in Russia’s Historical Territories”. “We can’t allow this,” he said.

In view of the military achievements of the Russian armed forces – which are unable to keep pace with Russia’s progress – Vladimir Putin stressed that he would achieve “all goals” in the war against Ukraine “guarantees peace and security in Donetsk and Lugansk, Crimea in Russia and the whole country.” “They think Russia, as a large and independent country, is a threat to the world, which is not the case,” Putin said.

Vladimir Putin devalues ​​Western sanctions: “Use every excuse step by step to implement new sanctions and to this day all plans to strangle us financially have failed. “

In a speech in St. Petersburg, Vladimir Putin also stated that “love for the homeland is one of the foundations of the Russian state and the most important value of Russian society.”

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