THE BALL – Martim Neton renovation progresses (Benfica)

Martim Neto was one of the best players in the youth league final – he became the fastest goal scorer of all time in the second minute – and dropped out of the competition with prestige.

The contract of the 19-year-old midfielder is coming to an end and he already has Bruno Lagen Wolverhampton on his feet. When he was crowned European Junior Champion the day before yesterday, he realized that “nothing is certain” about the future, although it is a natural ambition to rise to the main group: “It always depends on the coach coming. I work normally and look forward to my opportunity. its.”
In fact, the future of Martim Net is not yet certain. But it’s already designed at Clube da Luz’s SAD table and also… Gestifute by Jorge Mendes, the company he becomes an agent for.

Martim Neto was represented by Miguel Pinho, a businessman who was not in good shape with the new SAD after Vieira left the club due to personal financial demands to give the green light to the renewal of Martim Neto and other players in the series. the red team he represents. , sown in a dead end in several documents. However, according to data collected by A BOLA yesterday, Martim Neto is now much closer to staying in Luz than acting in a zero-price exit, which would not be justified in the eyes of many Benfica fans after he has divorced his generation. knew the high point of his short career two years ago, offering Benfica an unprecedented European championship.

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