The first beta of Android 13 is available – Android

Google has released the first public version of Android 13. The software, which you can download and try on your own smartphone, is still in beta. If you do, keep in mind that you may encounter many errors and malfunctions as the program is still being fine-tuned. The final version is not expected to be released until the fall.

On this Android 13 you will find a more detailed license system for audiovisual files (images, videos and audio). It allows you to restrict access to certain types of files so that the app does not have automatic access to images, videos and sounds when it sometimes only needs one. These sublicenses give the user more control over which applications can access which, but it also means handling multiple pop-ups when configuring an application, as the operating system will ask for your consent before granting access to anything.

This version of Android also supports MIDI 2.0, which means you can connect such peripherals to any device running this operating system. This is a novelty that is well received by musicians, as the format is essential for music in its digital form.

For developers working with KeyStore and KeyMint (the software Android uses to store encrypted passwords), Android 13 brings more agile ways to create passwords, making it easier to integrate functionality into applications developed for the operating system.

Visually, it’s also possible to notice some changes, namely in the icons of native apps, which are now better aligned with Material You, Google’s visual language.

In the notification area, the trend still gives the user more control, so you can adjust which notifications you want and don’t want to receive before they start appearing.

Once again, it’s important to stress that this version of Android 13 is in beta, unstable, and can cause issues with your phone. Before downloading it, it is recommended that you back up your smartphone to make sure nothing is lost.

Google adds that it should be able to reach software stability next June. Until then, finer versions of the operating system will certainly be released. Until then, there will be time and space to discuss everything about Android 13’s new technology at the annual developer conference on Google I / O on May 11th.

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