The four-year-old died when he was forced to drink a bottle of whiskey

The four-year-old died in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, when his grandmother forced him to drink a bottle of whiskey.

Roxanne Record, 53, forced her granddaughter to drink a full bottle of whiskey last Thursday (21). The child’s mother, Kadjah Record, 28, was witnessing the crime. Both were arrested and taken to East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on charges of murder.

Four-year-old China Record died of acute alcohol poisoning.

Authorities report the girl’s blood alcohol content was 0.68%, a “lethal dose.” Paramedics helped and tried to resuscitate the girl, but she died on the spot.

According to the University of Notre Dame, a blood alcohol content of 0.25% can cause alcohol poisoning and an alcohol content of more than 0.4% can leave a consumer in a coma or even cause death.

Ebony, Roxanne’s daughter and Kadjah’s sister, also takes responsibility for what happened. “I should also take the blame. I know what kind of person my mother is. I know how my mother reacted to China,” she told local media and reveals that her mother beat her children physically, mentally and verbally when they were children. the same to his grandchildren, but the family never reported him to police for fear.

Ebony believes that if he had spoken earlier, little China would still be alive.

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