The mayors emphasize state support for fighting malaria and dengue in the Amazon

Governor Wilson Lima supplied 414 devices to strengthen disease control

PHOTOGRAPH: Bruno Zanardo / Secom

As part of the World Malaria Day program, the mayors of the inland municipalities attended a ceremony organized by the Amazon government this Tuesday (April 26) to hand over 414 devices against malaria and dengue fever. ), Arena da Amazônia, in the south-central part of Manaus. They stressed state support in the fight against diseases.

During the incident, Governor Wilson Lima supplied federally funded equipment to serve 61 municipalities in the state. “What we are doing here is a confirmation that we will continue to reduce the number of these (malaria cases) and provide conditions for municipalities, health secretariats, to do this work together with local health actors,” Wilson Lima stressed. .

In addition to the governor, the ceremony was attended by the mayors of the cities of Apuí, Benjamin Constantin, Berur, Caapiranga, Guajarán, Iranduba, Itapiranga, Japurán, Jutaín, Tapauán and Tabatinga from other municipalities. . Cabo Maciel, Vice President of the State, and Mayara Pinheiro, Vice President, also attended.

Guajarán Mayor Ordean Gonzaga celebrated the delivery of equipment to help health workers access hard-to-reach rural areas. “We are 1,500 kilometers from the capital, we really need to bring health to our tourists who are further away from the municipalities. It takes four days by boat to reach the last rural community. These devices are very helpful in bringing health to the people of the Amazon, ”Ordean said.

“We will continue to work to reduce this disease in our state and therefore we will have more healthy people. We feel comfortable because we know we are getting all the state support,” stressed Sara Riça, Humaitán’s municipal secretary in the Ministry of Health.

Confirmation – A total of 251 anti-malarial equipment will be transferred to municipalities, of which 125 will be generators, 85 sprayers and 41 outboards. They also get another 145 items to fight dengue fever, including 90 nebulizers and 55 ladders.

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