The PCP is voting against a text calling for an investigation into Ukraine’s war crimes

The PCP does not accept a text calling for an independent investigation into possible war crimes in Ukraine.

The proposal was agreed by several party forces, but the Communist parliamentary leader says the party did not evaluate itself in the final text and asked for a separate vote on the original PCP project, which was rejected by other benches.

The joint motion condemns the attack on Ukraine and the massacres of civilians in Bucha, Irpin and other places near Kiev.

The text was approved by the Committee on Foreign Affairs this afternoon and will be put to the vote in plenary on Friday.

Parliament therefore supports the initiative of the UN Secretary-General to open an investigation and bring those responsible to justice.

Committee chairman Sérgio Sousa Pinto says conciliation between all parliamentary groups failed because the PCP revealed that it did not support the final text.

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