“They lied to him,” Putin told Guterres about the humanitarian corridors

António Guterres had already submitted a proposal to the Russian Foreign Minister to set up a working group within Russia and Ukraine to create “safe corridors” for civilians. He later made the same proposal to Russian President Vladimir Putin. It also adhered to the UN commitment to mobilize logistical and human resources to evacuate civilians from the city of Mariupol. “It’s a longer process, we need to create more forms of collaboration, but we’re really interested in that,” he stressed.

In a meeting with the UN Secretary-General in Moscow this Tuesday, Putin denied the failure of humanitarian corridors. “You’re talking about Russia’s humanitarian corridors not working. They lied to him. They’re working. With our help, more than 100,000 people have left Mariupol,” Guterres said. the Committee’s involvement in the evacuation of civilians from the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol.

Putin noted that the situation in Mariupol is “complex” and “tragic,” and said at the meeting that military operations in the city had ended. “There are no military operations in Mariupol, they have come to a standstill. Some of the Ukrainian armed forces stationed in other industrial areas surrendered. Nearly 1,300 surrendered,” he said. He added that he had ordered that Azovstal not be attacked, claiming that Ukrainian forces were using civilians as a shield. “We have heard from the Ukrainian authorities that there are civilians there. In that case, the Ukrainian army will have to release them, or they will act as terrorists in many countries, such as ISIS in Syria.

The Russian president once again claimed that his country’s intervention was intended to protect people from those who declared themselves independent. But António Guterres replied that Russia’s concerns “must be addressed with the tools proposed by the UN Charter” and that “the violation of the country’s territorial integrity is completely contrary to the UN Charter”.

Russia claims Loofah was a “provocation”

Putin said progress had been made in Turkey’s talks, but Buchan’s situation was a turning point. “After clearly demonstrated intentions to create favorable conditions for the resumption of dialogue, we encountered a provocation in Bucha with which the Russian army has nothing to do,” he said, “We know who organized the provocation.” He added that the status of the negotiators “changed radically” after that.

It should be noted that international institutions will investigate possible war crimes and crimes against humanity in Bucha when the first estimate shows that at least 410 people lost their lives during the Russian-occupied city.

On Tuesday, Putin said he wanted a diplomatic solution to the conflict. “Even though the military operation is underway, we still hope to reach an agreement through diplomatic channels,” he said.

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