Tribuna do Norte – Apucarana is waiting for an influenza vaccine for children

The increase in respiratory diseases in children raised the alarm in the municipal health of Apucarana. To protect children, the city is starting to promote influenza vaccination from today, in addition to strengthening health care.

Femac Mayor Junior and Health Minister Emídio Bachiega announced the measures live on social media. According to the mayor, in addition to promoting vaccinations for children, three primary health care units (UBS) will be on request and the Children’s Center will also extend opening hours.

“We are expecting vaccinations, among other things, given the increase in respiratory diseases in children in our city, which is the situation throughout the South and Southeast. Between 1 and 22 April, participation in these cases in the general municipal health network increased by 300%, while Hospital da Providência Materno Infantil reached 400%, ”warns Junior Femac.

Influenza vaccination for six-month-old and five-year-old children next week will be carried out this Wednesday (27th) from 8.30am to 4.30pm at all 26 UBSs. vaccination room. You must bring personal documents.

The mayor also pointed out that another measure to better serve children is to take turns at three UBSs: Maria do Café in Jardim Ponta Grossa, Antônio Sachell in Jardim Colonial and Raul Castilho in João Paulo from 9 am to 9 am. pm. On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, the service is from 7 am to 7 pm. In these units, in addition to the agreed appointment, a doctor is appointed for patients only upon request.

Another measure of the town hall is the extended service of the Children’s Center, which is open Monday to Friday from 6.30 am to 6 pm and is available on request from 6 pm to 10 pm.

“We need to be organized to face this situation and we need the mobilization of parents,” said Femac Mayor Junior, who also stressed that the lack of a private network of medicines, such as antibiotics, is starting to wake up.

Health secretary Emídio Baciega says the municipal health authority (AMS) is conducting a virus scan of the outbreak. According to Bachiega, 115 children were admitted to hospital for respiratory illness at the Hospital da Providência Materno Infantil between 1 March and 22 April. A collection of viral panels from these patients showed that syncytial virus was detected in 47%; 36% rhinovirus; 8% metapneumovirus; 4% adenovirus; and 5% with other influenza viruses. (ADVICE)

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