Vaccination effort to offer doses against flu and measles this Saturday (30)

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To expand vaccination coverage against measles and influenza in Londrina, the city of Lontrina will run a vaccination campaign this Saturday (30: 00-17: 00) 20 primary health units (UBS) from all urban areas are open for rations (check the list below). in advance.

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On the day of the working group, an identity card (RG or, in the case of children, a birth certificate) and, if possible, a vaccination leaflet will suffice. The service on these UBSs is on a first-come, first-served basis. and the measles dose can be given on the same day as the flu vaccine without breaks.

Anyone who has co-morbid or chronic illness and is planning to get a flu dose, but who does not follow through on the municipal health network, must also have a medical certificate or prescription for medication for continued use.

The flu campaign began on April 2nd. Since then, 42,629 doses have been given to the elderly and 4,136 doses to healthcare professionals and workers. This last group also recorded 405 doses of measles vaccine.

According to Fernanda Fabrin, director of health care at the municipal health department, the purpose of influenza vaccination is to prevent complications and deaths, to minimize the viral load of the disease and to reduce the burden on health services. “The purpose of the measles vaccine is to cut off the active circulation of the measles virus in the country, minimize the burden of the disease, protect the population, and reduce the burden on health services as a result of this worsening. This situation underlines the need to work to stop the spread of viruses and thus allow re-certification as a measles-free country, ”he stressed.

Measles vaccination is performed on all health care professionals and workers. The dose is also available for all children aged 6 months to less than 5 years, including those with an up-to-date vaccination schedule. The vaccine used is a triple virus vaccine that protects against measles, rubella and mumps.

The aim of the measles vaccination campaign is to prevent the emergence of new viral diseases, which are highly contagious and can be fatal. After two decades without any cases of measles, in 2019 there were 1,653 positive cases and in 2020 there were still 428 in all of Paraná. There were no confirmed cases of measles in the state this year, as in 2021.

Photo: Vivian Honorato

And the campaign against the flu will launch its second phase of expanding priority groups this Saturday (30). In addition to elderly and healthcare workers and professionals who have already been vaccinated, the doses also apply to: children under 6 months of age – children under 5 years of age; pregnant women and women who have given birth; teachers; people with chronic diseases and other co-morbidities; permanently disabled; security and rescue force professionals; truck drivers; public, road and passenger transport workers.

In this second phase, influenza vaccination will be extended to young people and young people deprived of their liberty, members of the armed forces, prison system workers, in accordance with socio-educational measures.

This influenza vaccine is a tetravalent vaccine that protects against influenza A subtypes (H1N1 and H3N2) and influenza B subtypes. From December 2021 to March 2022, the state of Paraná confirmed more than 2,000 cases and 118 deaths. by the virus.

Data – The estimated population of the influenza vaccination priority groups in Londrina is 30,910 children aged 6 months to less than five years; 5,603 pregnant and postpartum women; 102,577 elderly people; 20,384 people with illness and chronic illness; 9,847 teachers; and, among others, 16,764 people with permanent disabilities.

In total, the city’s estimated target population is 211,660 people, with the goal of vaccinating 90% of this population to achieve optimal coverage against the influenza virus.

UBS open to the working group on Saturday (30):

Eastern region:
Armindo Guazzi – Avenida São João, 4321
Marabá – Rua das Goiabeiras, 385
Lindóia – Rua das Maritacas, 1800

Southern area:
Cafezal – Abraham Lincoln Street, 65
Itapoã – Rua Benedito José Theodoro, 258
União da Vitória – Rua Dezenove de Abril, 55
Eldorado – Rua Tertuliano, 800
Pizza – Rua Veneza, 546

Western area:
Panissa – Olympic Gymnastics Street, 195
Santiago – Rua Aracy Soares dos Santos, 100
Alvorada – Rua Poços de Caldas, 85
Santa Rita – Rua Ângelo Gaiotto, 150

Central area:
Guanabara – Rua Montevideo, 605
Downtown – Rua Senador Souza Naves, 754
Vila Casoni – Avenida Dez de Dezembro, 580

Northern area:
Parigot de Souza – Avenida Saul Elkind, 4255
Padovani – Rua André Buck, 585
João Paz – Rua Francisco Marques de Oliveira, 800
Aquiles Stenghel – Rua Vergílio Perin, 815
Milton Gavetti – Avenida Humberto Puiguari Coutinho, 360

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