With four additional deaths, RS reaches 12 dengue fever deaths and reaches the highest annual level in the historical series | Rio Grande do Sul

The state government confirmed further on Wednesday (27) four dengue deaths Rio Grande do Sulissa. With it The total number of deaths in the state in 2022 is 12, the highest ever in a year.

The most recent deaths were recorded in Novo Hamburg, Sapucaia do Sul, Cachoeira do Sul and Lajeado.

By 2021, the record for the period had already been exceeded, and there were 11 deaths.

The number of cases agreed within the RS in 2022, called initial cases, is also the highest ever measured during the yearpending 12 thousand so far.

Due to new registrations, the RS Board ordered maximum warning for dengue fever this Wednesday, according to a memorandum published by the 27th State Department of Health (SES) 89% of RS municipalities is a mosquito infection Aedes aegypti.

According to SES, 85% of confirmed cases of dengue fever are concentrated in 24 municipalities, representing about 25% of the total population of RS.

“Given the heterogeneous distribution of cases across the country and treatment capacity, there is a need to design coping measures for case volume areas in order to enhance the effectiveness of these measures. Other areas need to remain constant.

The Secretariat also emphasizes that “the involvement of non-governmental institutions and the Community is essential in order to clarify the situation”.

The main action is the removal of stagnant water sites that serve as points of development for mosquito larvae. This increase occurs more at this time of year, which associates high temperatures with repeated rains.

Lajeado has three other suspected cases

The victim in Lajeado, Vale do Taquar, is a 13-year-old teenager who died on April 17th. According to the municipality, the teenager expressed his first symptoms on April 10th. The next day he was treated at the UPA and on April 16 he was hospitalized.

The teenager died early in the morning on Sunday (17) at the hospital. The result of the serological test was confirmed by the RS Central Laboratory (Lacen).

According to the town hall, Lajeado has others three deaths suspected to be due to dengue fever pending confirmation of the cause. According to SES monitoring, there are 1,516 confirmed cases in the municipality, of which 1,382 are originals.

The municipality of Lajeado declared a state of emergency on Tuesday (26th) due to a mosquito-induced dengue epidemic. Aedes aegypti, a virus transmitter, Chikungunya fever and Zika virus. The measure is valid for 180 days.

The main changes to the regulation are the abandonment of the tender for the supply of goods and services to deal with the situation and the visits to public and private property to destroy the mosquito and its breeding grounds in the identified area. as a potential holder of mediating focuses.

The second change concerns compulsory entry into public and private property where the refusal, refusal of access or the absence of a person who may allow regular access to a designated and identified public operator when this proves necessary for disease control purposes. .

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