Xiaomi Mi Band 7 will hit the market today

It is one of Xiaom’s most anticipated wearable devices, and rumors are now circulating that it will be officially unveiled on May 10th.

It is also known that the new version has a larger screen, a battery with more capacity and new features that promise to make this bracelet a sales success, like its predecessors.

Xiaomi Mi Band 7 may be officially unveiled on May 10th

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 is available in Portugal for € 34.99

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 has been a huge success among users, like all its predecessor models. For this reason, the release of Mi Band 7 is one of the most anticipated segments of Xiaom’s wearable equipment.

And now the well-known pourer Digital Chat Station is advancing on Chinese social media in Weibo that the new smart bracelet will be officially unveiled on May 10th. The leak also adds that the Mi Band 7 will be unveiled in parallel with the Chinese smartphone’s new smartphone.

Unfortunately, the known leak does not specify which mobile terminal will also be introduced. But according to rumors released so far, it could be Xiaomi 12 Lite or Redmi Note 11T, as both are already in the immediate release phase.

What can we expect to see in Xiaomi Mi Band 7

Xiaomi Mi Band 7 has already gone through some certification sites that have already revealed important details about the technical specifications of the wearable device. In this sense, the new smart bracelet will be launched with a 250 mAh battery. What is an improvement over its predecessor with a 125 mAh battery.

Rumors point out that it also has a larger screen than the previous model, which integrates 1.56 inches, as well as a higher resolution of 192×490 pixels – the screen resolution of the Mi Band 6 is set to 152×486 pixels.

In terms of new features, the highlight is directly related to the integration of the original GPS support, which allows users to register their geographical location and determine walking routes without having to do so via a smartphone.

Mi band 7 also includes an Always On Display feature that permanently displays information such as the date and time. To meet the power needs of all these new features, the smart bracelet is also equipped with an extra battery saving mode.

In other respects, the new wearable Xiaomi device may also have a new intelligent alarm that makes it vibrate 30 minutes before the set wake-up time if it detects that the user is in a light sleep, ensuring a smooth and natural awakening.

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