“You’ve been the main …”

This Tuesday, April 26, Zé Lopes turned to social media to share several of the loving messages he received. In front of the praise, the “Big Brother” commentator left an outburst of emotion.

Zé Lopes is one of the familiar faces increasingly cherished by the audience for his work on television. Proof of this is the messages the presenter received on Instagram and that he wanted to share them through stories:

“My son and I love the way you grow up… in every way”or “He’s a very humble person because he broadcasts every time he appears on TV.”or “Zé, congratulations to the professional, but mainly to the person you are,” are some excerpts from the posts.

In the face of these messages, Zé Lopes was very grateful for his affection and expressed: “Sometimes we’re too busy making things happen. I’m a bit like that, I admit. I am as focused and committed as ambitious and dreamy. Fortunately, you have been the most important on this journey, and your messages will make me go back in time and realize that what was only a dream 4 years ago is now true (…) as a thank you. About everything. Because”.

Look now:

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