Ângela Ferreira is not pregnant with her late husband. understand the reasons

This Wednesday, April 27, TVI’s special report “Amor Sem Fim” was presented. The report has followed Ângela Ferreira’s struggle to get pregnant with her late husband, and today she is finally revealing to her if she is pregnant.

In February 2020, Ângela Ferreira “brought an endless love story.” After the death of her husband, Hugo, as a result of a fatal cancer, Ângela plans to continue her love story and struggle to get pregnant with her late husband.

“What happened between me and Hugo in the beginning was very strong. There are no words “, says Angela.

Hugo died, but before that he managed to make one of his dreams come true. 24 hours before his death, the couple got married: “He only had the power to say yes,” reveals Angela.

But one dream remained a reality: building a family. Angela promised that not even death would disappoint a couple’s dreams, and began a struggle to get pregnant with her late husband.

Shortly after her death, Ângela Ferreira reveals that she asked the hospital doctor if she could begin the in vitro fertilization process, and the answer was no because her husband died.

Angela did not give up. The story arrived in Parliament and in November 2021 it was approved for post-mortem insemination.

“Finally, something was adopted that should have been adopted a long time ago. Of course we were happy. Everyone who lives with the couple knows it was their dream ”, said a couple’s friend.

The dream commands life, and on February 21 this year, Ângela Ferreira performed in vitro fertilization. A few days later, he was tested in the hospital, but the result did not meet expectations: NEGATIVE.

Angela tried but failed again. The success rate of artificial insemination is only 10%. Ângela has always wanted to have in vitro fertilization because she has a better chance of getting pregnant.

The regulatory body for reproductive medicine says the only possible remedy in this case is artificial insemination. art. 22 says so, but according to art. 26. Test tube fertilization can be performed under the same post-mortem conditions from November.

Angela feels misguided and talks about discrimination. Considers that the regulatory body is not acting in good faith and that this is the case “run against time”.

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