BALL – Paulo Sérgio responds to an FPF survey: «Shame. It is an insult to what they do to me »(Portimonense)

Paulo Sérgio responded to an inquiry opened by Paulo Sérgio against Paul Porto in Dragão. April, which ended in a 0-7 loss, suspected of presenting the bottom team. .

“The first comment is to know that the press had access – according to my administration – to this fact before the club got to know it through it. I have a past that speaks for me, and the mere fact that these doubts and doubts about me make me ashamed is an insult to what they do to me. not even the bench was ready: the two goalkeepers still had room for one more athlete, and just look at them on the bench to understand what was on offer for this match.I have already explained my intentions and winning at home with Moreirense is our goal and it seems to hurt many people.One thing There are people on social networks, and there have always been donkeys who today have the voice of social through their networks. But the fact that I have responsible people in football and some who know me well, thinking that I could get into situations like this that many of them may have been involved in for a lifetime, already embarrasses me, ”the coach said.

“I have children, I have parents, I have a family, and it’s a shame to see my name associated with this type of suspicion. But it says more about the people who question me than I do because I have a clean record, I got up and I’m here, ”he added.

For this Saturday ‘s game, Paulo Sérgio promised Portimonense to “compete for points”, as he always did, knowing that Arouca has a team “that gives his life in search of points”, so its players must “compete for points in spirit”. The coach also showed “satisfaction” and “pride” that his team achieved “the goal after three days, in a situation of great difficulty.” We must, of course, be very proud and satisfied with the work that has been done. “

Paulo Sérgio is at the end of his contract and possible continuity will be discussed at the right time: “We have time. When the time is right, let’s talk. I really like being in Portimão, so we sit down at the right moment and talk, he said.

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