BALL – Ricardinho breaks “taboo” and may face Sporting (Futsal)

Ricardinho, the forward, who will represent the French team’s opponent in the fourth final of the Sporting Champions League in a match to be played on Friday, announced that he will be with the team in Riga, Latvia.

The former Portuguese national team player – he said goodbye to the national team on the 7th – revealed that he doubted his involvement – he didn’t play any games in the current qualifiers – but overturned the taboo “I’m in!”, Anything like I’m in, Instagram- in your account. It later appeared in the team photo, already in Riga.

It must be remembered that the ACCS was the French champion last season, but ended up relegating administratively – they lead the 2nd division – but still continued to represent the country in the Champions League. They were second in Group A of the elite round, benefiting from UEFA’s exclusion of the Tyumen Russians over the conflict in Ukraine.

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