Bernardo Sousa takes Big Brother’s competitors to enjoy the sunset on his catamaran. see pictures

In the end everything was fine! After the end of Big Brother Famosos last Sunday, Bernardo Sousa kept his promise and invited all competitors and their comrades to enjoy sunset aboard the catamaran “Sardinha do Tejo”.

In the afternoon, for the stunning animation, only Bruna Gomes was not present as she competed in the “Final Challenge”, Marie and Tanya, and the rest were present and shared several fun moments on social media.

Miguel Azevedo’s theme “Queen of Toki” did not lack choreography and several emotional statements: “There are such loves! Thank you @bernardorsousa for this day with our fellow travelers ❤️ ”, the description of the publication can be read in Vanessa Silva, who appeared alongside the winner of Big Brother Famosos and many other competitors who marked the last edition. reality tv show.


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