BOLA – W52-FC Porto returns to practice this Thursday (Cycling)

AW52-FC Porto will continue training on Thursday at the initiative of its manager and main sponsor Adriano Quintanilha, who believed in the innocence of cyclists at the “Operação Prova Limpa” launched by the ADOP on the 24th and decided to reassemble a team at the Paredes Hotel to resume preparations.

“I believe the words of cyclists when they say they are clean and don’t be afraid, because the blood and urine tests done on Sunday are negative. If prohibited substances have been seized in their homes or hotel rooms, cyclists must be held accountable. But based on their words, I trust them, and that’s why I made the decision to bring them together. We are only talking about cyclists. I will not comment on Nuno Ribeiro and José Rodrigues, as I only know what the newspapers, radios and televisions are saying, ”Quintanilha explained to A BOLA, who is also committed to finding a sports director to replace them.

“I am connected to three people who are qualified to perform the tasks, to choose one of them. The situation is not easy, but we need to face the problems and solve them. If cyclists claim to be innocent, we need to get back to normal and fix things. The league or the UCI will not interrupt the team and we can compete as long as the situation of the sports director is legalized, which happens in the short term. Together, a return to training will also bring normal to the W52-FC Porto team, ”he added.

According to A BOLA, in addition to sports director Nuno Ribeiro and deputy José Rodrigues, 10 cyclists were charged, seven of whom competed in the Grand Prix O Jogo.

The rest are part of a team made up of Amaro Antunes, Ricardo Mestre, Samuel Caldeira and Jorge Magalhães, as Guilherme Mota is no longer part of the team.

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