Carolina Pinto shares a love record with Marco Costa and gets praise: “Gorgeous couple …”

This Wednesday, April 27, Carolina Pinto took to social media to share a loving moment with Marco Costa. The couple was full of loving messages.

After Marco Costa and Carolina Pinto announced their relationship, they are in love more than ever. A couple often shares moments of love on social media together.

Recently, Carolina Pinto used her personal Instagram account to share a picture of her kissing Marco Costa during a boat trip they took at the end of the day with friends, namely Miguel Azevedo and Bernardo Sousa.

“LOVE”wrote the publication in caption.

The message’s inbox was quickly filled with loving messages from the following: “Awesome couple, they have all the support, Marco is a gunman and you Carolina showed 100% trust in the person next to you, it’s love, they deserve all the best in life 😍❤️”or “Congratulations! ❤️❤️❤️”or “It’s nice to see you all well and happy”, there are some examples that can be read.

Look now:

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