“Either we lose in Ukraine or World War III begins,” said a Russian reporter

Russian state television network RT journalist Margarita Simonyan said on a television program Wednesday night that “all this will end in a nuclear attack,” referring to Russia’s attack on Ukraine. “I think World War III is more realistic when you know us and know our leader.”

The publisher added that “the idea of ​​pushing Putin to the red check is more likely than the idea of ​​letting Russia lose the war.”

And he decides, “Either we lose in Ukraine or World War III begins,” which on the one hand “is horror,” but “on the other hand, that’s what it is,” he said. “We’ll go to heaven when they just die … We’ll all die one day.”

“The Anglo-Saxons are publicly offering Ukraine the transfer of combat operations to Russian territory and giving it the means to carry out this plan. What choice do you idiots leave us? The complete destruction of the rest of Ukraine? A nuclear coup?” wrote Simonyan. .

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