Elon Musk denies the donation after finding Bill Gates’ bet against Tesla

Messages between Bill Gates and Elon Musk leaked and show disagreement between them

Elon Musk bought Twitter with an agreement that should be R $ 200 billion. Prior to the latest development, Elon would have financed the deal. Meanwhile, a separate New York Times report claimed that the social media board negotiated with him “until Monday morning” about his offer.

“I invest in Twitter because I believe in its potential to serve as a platform for freedom of speech around the world, and I believe that freedom of speech is a social necessity for a functioning democracy,” Musk said in a takeover bid on Twitter. days. “After my investment, however, I realize that the company is not succeeding or meeting this social requirement in its current form. The platform needs to be transformed into a private company.

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Now, at the end of this week, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX confirmed that the images that repeat the conversation with him Bill Gatesthat have been leaked in recent days are real. In an exchange of messages, Musk refuses to talk about donations with the founder of Microsoft because his investment calls for a fall in the share price of the electric vehicle company.

After a brief exchange of messages where they make an appointment, the richest man in the world is pretty straightforward: “Do you still have half a billion dollars in Tesla shorts?”. Bill Gates confirms, “I’m sorry I haven’t closed them yet,” before adding that “I’d like to discuss the possibilities of charity.”

answer Elon Musk is even more concise: “Sorry, but I can’t take your charity about climate change seriously when you have a huge stance against Tesla, the company that has been working hardest to tackle climate change.” Musk confirmed the veracity of the images posted on Twitter, but said he is not responsible for the disclosure.

. He did not confirm the date for the exchange of messages and also expressed that he was not very worried about the leak: “I have heard from several sources that Bill Gates he had half a billion against Tesla, so I asked him, so it’s not exactly confidential. “

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