Fátima Lopes meets a new boyfriend at the publication of the book

This Thursday, April 28, Fátima Lopes published her ninth book, Faz o Que o Teu Coração Pede, in Lisbon. The presenter had the support of her daughter and this new boyfriend.

Fátima Lopes launched another book called “Do What Your Heart Asks” at Casa do Alentejo in Lisbon. Alongside her were her daughter Beatriz, 22, and her new boyfriend Jorge Cristino, 43.

In May 2021, rumors arose that the SIC presenter was committed to politician Jorge Cristino, but until then they had never performed at one of the public events.

This afternoon was the first time Luís Morais divorced in 2017 when Fátima Lopes appeared with her boyfriend.

Jorge Cristino sat next to Beatriz in the front row and was very attentive to the presentation of his beloved. The presenter took the opportunity to introduce her boyfriend to guests and friends.

“All the people important to me were here, my parents and sister didn’t come because they couldn’t,” said the presenter.

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