Fuels will drop 20 cents a liter on Monday

As we have seen, every week there are new scenarios for fuel prices.

The prime minister announced on Monday that the petroleum product tax (ISP) will be further reduced, allowing the tax burden to be reduced by 20 cents per liter, reducing the price of petrol by 62 per cent and 42 per cent. % of diesel.

Fuel: If you need to refuel your vehicle, wait until Monday

In a speech to the General Assembly of the Republic, the head of the executive branch argued that "in the face of an inflation scenario, albeit a temporary one, the government acted swiftly and identified strong and effective solutions to the crisis."

According to the prime minister, these measures "will help curb energy prices and mitigate the inflation shock, support families and businesses, and accelerate energy transition by protecting social cohesion and economic growth."

So I can announce that as early as next Monday, a new drop in the ISP will make it possible to reduce the tax burden by 20 cents per liter, which will allow a 62% reduction in petrol prices and a 42% reduction. the rise in the price of diesel, which consumers have been suffering since October

According to António Costa, on the tax and subsidy cuts, the draft budget "provides more than € 1,300 million to support businesses and families".

Last minute: Fuels will drop 20 cents a liter on Monday

“So it’s a concrete budget geared to the real country; a budget that allows us to continue the course we have set ourselves to adapt to the new situation without deviating from major national targets, ”he said.

If you have to refuel your car, wait until Monday as fuel prices will drop well. The reduction will be about 17 cents per liter more in addition to the previous tax cut. After all, the effect is a drop in gasoline and diesel sales prices of more than 20 cents.

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