GTA 6 | Rockstar Games is blocking GTA VI’s Twitter account

THE Rockstar games seems to be tired of fake leaks Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA 6), after all, it banned a very well-known account that shares rumors and leaks about the upcoming game of the franchise game.

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This account is known for spreading various rumors or leaks GTA VIHowever, most of them are poorly credible and come from highly questionable sources. The account is known GTA 6 News and Leaks and he claimed to have been banned from playing Rockstar games.

at twitterthe owner of this account commented Rockstar games esti minut. However, I never wanted to track this account. Sure, I have two spy accounts. “

Similarly, this account is known to go after the company’s employees Rockstar games in search of information about the upcoming game, being invasive and sometimes disrespectful.

In brief, Grand Theft Auto VI confirmed Rockstar games in February 2022.

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