Influenza and measles vaccination “D-Day” officially opened on Saturday in Shopping Mangabeira

The municipality of João Pessoa is offering more than 100 vaccination sites this Saturday (30 a.m. to 4 p.m.) for the “D-Day” of the National Vaccination Day against Influenza and Measles. The opening of the campaign in the municipality will be held at 8.00 in the Parking Mangabeira car park. However, this Friday (29th) Health Minister Marcelo Queiroga will officially open the campaign in Paraíba at 1pm in Busto de Tamandare.

Influenza vaccinations have already been extended to all priority groups. As for measles, the campaign will continue for health care workers and children from the age of six months and under 5 years. “This is a great mobilization involving about 600 healthcare professionals at more than 100 vaccination sites in João Pessoa. Activities also take place at the municipal vaccination center and city outpatient clinics, which receive the population from 8am to 12pm,” explains Fernando Virgolino, director of the municipal health department.

Vaccination campaigns are an important call to ensure comprehensive preventive care and to create a vaccine block against circulating diseases that can worsen and progress to death.

– The population needs to understand that vaccination is a proven effective way to prevent diseases such as smallpox and polio that have been eradicated. This result reflects the effectiveness and comprehensiveness of vaccination and surveillance campaigns through a national vaccination program that works extensively for the return and management of diseases, ”Fernando Virgolino stressed the importance of maintaining each vaccination card. Updated age groups.

Risk groups for the flu – The priority group shall be at least 60 years of age, children 6 months to 5 years of age (4 years, 11 months and 29 days), pregnant women, postpartum (up to 45 days postpartum), health workers, teachers in the public and private schools, indigenous peoples, groups with chronic non-communicable diseases and other specific clinical diseases, the deprived population and young people and young people in socio-educational activities, prison staff, the permanently disabled, lorry drivers, public transport, road and port workers, prison staff and security and rescue workers; police officers, firefighters and active members of the armed forces).

Documentation – In addition to the vaccination card, supporting documents for each group must be included for vaccination. Professionals suitable for the extension of priority groups must provide a photo ID and proof (statement, class council card or salary) of their connection to the company or institution where they work. People with non-communicable chronic disease and other specific clinical conditions should seek medical advice.

Technical visit – Representatives of the Ministry of Health attended a meeting of the Health Department of João Pessoa this Thursday (28th) and made a technical visit to the Immunobiological Center – Municipal Cold Network.

“Monitoring the partnership between this municipality and the federal government to maintain this logistics and thus ensure continued assistance to the population will make us rely on the resources that are invested in this service each year,” stressed Patrícia Glovac. from the Ministry of Health ..

Vaccination sites:

Friday (29th) official opening Influenza and measles vaccination campaign

Location: Bust of Tamandaré – Tambaú Beach

Opening hours: separatelygo from 1 p.m.

Saturday (30):
“D-Day” of national vaccination mobilization.

8 am-4pm

– Parking Shopping in Mangabeira (pedestrian and drive through)

8-12 p.m.

Municipal Immunization Center (CMI) – Av. Rui Barbosa, Torre;

– Family Health Units (USF);

– Municipal health clinics;

From Monday to Friday, people can search for the nearest Family Health Unit (USF) to vaccinate and update their vaccination card.

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