Mariama on the fight against cancer: “I’m trying not to give up, it’s already so hard”

Mariama Barbosa announced a few months ago that he was battling a malignant stomach tumor. The struggle he has faced much positively, as he highlighted in his interview The TV More.

It’s been a day since you never know, you’re fine in the morning, you’re softer in the afternoon, you’re great in the evening or vice versa. When I’m tired, I have no problem being at home, in my robe, hugging my son and doing what I like. Tso don’t let me go down because it’s already so hard“, was revealed.

The SIC presenter also said he received a lot of support and love after he decided to make the matter public: “It’s a world I didn’t know I have felt tremendous love despite all the difficulties. I have found a lot of sharing, a lot of compassion and it makes me very emotional“.

Finally, Mariama also explained that she is not hiding anything from her son and that he “it’s great” why “is like a mother. “

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