Oral cancer prevention research pleases the elderly in São Jose

Activities will continue until this Friday the 29th. (Photo: Disclosure / PMSJC)

São José dos Campos City Hall has launched an awareness campaign this week to prevent oral cancer and has conducted studies in primary health units (UBS).

The goal is to sensitize people, especially the elderly, who are the most common people at UBS at this time of year due to the flu vaccination campaign. The service is implemented by the Oral Health Team, which guides citizens and answers questions on the subject.

Activities aimed at raising public awareness of the importance of early detection of oral injuries will continue until Friday (29) and have delighted citizens who have taken part in UBS Parque Industrial.

One of them is truck driver Moacir de Lima Sene, 59, who went to a health center to get the flu vaccine. “I took advantage of being here and did an evaluation. I did the experiment and it was smooth, perfect. Those who have time are already taking advantage of it and not wasting time. “

The retired Aparecida Lúcio de Lira, 79, also praised the performance of the professionals. “I came to get the vaccine against covid and the flu. If the oral health team is here, it’s in our favor.



oral cancer

Oral cancer is a malignant tumor that affects the lips, oral structures such as the gums, cheeks, the roof of the mouth, the tongue (especially the edges), and the sublingual area. Causes include the use of cigarettes, cigars or pipes, excessive alcohol consumption and unprotected sun exposure.

When oral cancer is detected early, it can be treated with a high rate of recovery. It is necessary to be aware of any changes in the mouth, changes in color, the appearance of cancer-like lesions that do not heal within 15 days. In advanced stages, difficulty speaking, chewing and swallowing may occur in addition to neck pain and tenderness. If you get any of these symptoms, talk to your doctor.

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