Paul Auster’s son died days after he was arrested for the death of his daughter’s baby

Daniel Auster, the son of the famous American author Paul Auster, was found dead days after he was arrested for the death of his daughter in New York, USA. According to authorities, everything points to drug overdose.

The tragedy befell Paul Auster’s family. A few days after the author’s son was arrested for the death of his 10-month-old daughter Ruby as a result of an alleged overdose of fentanyl, Daniel Auster was found dead. According to the New York Post, some data from police reports show that Auster, 44, “was found in a drug accumulation and a dose similar to what he used, meaning his death could have been accidental.”

The son of Paul Auster, arrested a few days ago, was released on bail from an unintentional murder in the death of his daughter Ruby. The incident elevated Daniel Auster to headlines in the international press on November 1 when he called police saying he could not revive the baby. Days later, the daughter’s autopsy was announced, confirming the death of the overdose, although it was not disclosed under what circumstances the girl could swallow the substance.

Daniel Auster’s life was marked by excesses and problems of justice. In 1996, he saw the murder of Andre “Angel” Melendez, a drug dealer in New York. Although he was not involved in the crime, he pleaded guilty to possession of three thousand dollars (approximately 2,855 euros) stolen from Melendez and sentenced to probation.

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