Pedro Mil-Homens defends Benfica’s formation strategy: “We don’t want teams so locked” – Benfica

Benfica’s training manager, Pedro Mil-Homens, defended the model followed at Benfica today, with players playing on different teams (under-19s, under-23s, Team B and in some cases the main team) throughout the season. . The manager takes the difficulties of this plan, which led, for example, to Rúben Amorim refusing to be the coach of the line-up of under-23s. “The strategy these years has been to focus on the player at all times, deciding where to train and where to compete, and the teams aren’t as locked as normal teams. It’s not an easy bet, but it’s the best bet.” solution for player development, “Mil-Homens told BTV in a statement. .

According to Marques, many of the used footballers will still be able to play in the Youth League season 2022/23. “We have time to pick players, but we’re leaving with new ambition, knowing we have to defend the championship.”

Prior to that, Benfica will face Peñarol on August 21 in the first round of the U-20 Intercontinental Cup, which followed Conmebol’s idea of ​​putting the winners of the youth Libertadores and Youth League face to face. Thousand-Men praises the idea. “The finals will be standard every year. It’s a very important experience, many of these young people have never played in South America, in a different environment, in a different experience. Players.”

Mil-Homens has been with Benfica since 2011 as part of a team working on a new Youth League format, the proposal for which must be submitted to UEFA by the 2023 finals for deployment from 2024/25. – We do not know what it will be like from 2024 onwards, but based on the sample from the previous meeting, all the clubs emphasized that the connection between the teams participating in the Champions and the Youth League is an experience that must be maintained. ”

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